Website Reporting

Marketing analytics is fast emerging as the next frontier in online marketing. Websites sit on a potential gold mine of customer data. You can gain a lot of valuable insights into your customers by studying their behaviour on your website and on search engines.

Most importantly, such data can help you accurately determine the ROI from marketing activities, which enables you to spend your marketing dollars wisely. It is important to capture such data and then look at it in meaningful reports. Such reports can help determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your business, increase website conversion and reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

Shout! Digital Marketing utilises Google Analytics as an independent and free website tracking tool. We take the raw data and customise reports according to your needs.

Implementation of new reports or a new tool

Shout! Digital Marketing will help manage the project and implement a new set of reports, and even a new marketing analytics tool if required. Improve your decision making!