Search Engine Marketing

SEO is no longer desirable! It is essential and should be an important part of your marketing plan. Online studies by Google indicate that over 75% of search engine visitors click on natural results on a search engine. By 2020, about 40% of all retail sales are going to happen in an online environment. Is your business ready? 

A stable high ranking search engine position is a long term competitive advantage as it helps your business generate volume from the ever growing online marketplace.   Search Engine Optimisation is part science and part art, and our team passionately tracks search engine algorithm changes. Simply, Google changes the playing field often and, accordingly, we need to quickly respond and ensure your site remains in a prominent position.

Shout! Digital Marketing believes in a customer friendly and ethical approach to Search Engine Optimisation. Our team has experience working for a wide range of websites. This ensures we take the bigger picture into account while driving towards better rankings.

It’s not necessarily about chasing the most searched terms; it’s about chasing the best value search times likely to give you the best results
— Neil Devonport, Creative Director

As a result, Shout! Digital Marketing has a fully integrated, cross channel, transparent and ethical approach towards SEO. Coverage and rankings on all important search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo is assured.  

Shout! Digital Marketing Search Engine Optimisation services include: 
Keyword research

At Shout! Digital Marketing, we dedicate time and effort to thoroughly understand Customer Behaviour by looking at the keywords being searched for your products and services. Such an understanding would be based on a review of keywords by volume, competition and gaps, in order to arrive to a comprehensive keyword strategy.

Link Population

Links from other websites are crucial in driving search engine rankings as well as for extending your brand presence on the internet. Our internal link building process works very closely with the SEO program we roll out on your behalf to ensure that links to your website grow consistently and with the right keywords attached to them.

Content optimisation

Website content is delivered using a mix of delivery systems and HTML files, CMS, Database results and user generated content. Search engines are content-hungry and it is crucial to ensure that all such content is available to a search engine. This is done by using page building tools and URL translation, which helps increase the relevancy of your website, as more and more of its pages get indexed by the search engines.

Microsite creation

Even if your web interface is not SEO friendly, Shout! Digital Marketing can help you get a perfect spot in the search engine rankings. Microsites can be built using sound SEO principles and content from your website. Such content is therefore available to search engines, unlike earlier. These Microsites become valuable web assets, which is a source of free search engine traffic due to the good rankings on search engines.

Monitoring and reporting

An effective search engine optimisation campaign involves a multi-faceted approach. It is very important to track all activities to be able to link them to a good performance. Reporting of search engine ranks and volume generated is also very important. Shout! Digital Marketing recommends Google Analytics as an independent quality mean to measure website activity.

SEO consulting

As the owner of a website, you have to understand that any change done to the website impacts directly to its performance on search engines. This is essential during website redesign and website migration. We offer SEO consulting services by which you are able to retain control of your search engine rankings while upgrading your website or migrating to a new platform.   


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