Integrated Loyalty Application

Nowadays, Customers Loyalty programs are everywhere. You have to stand out, be innovative and offer something a little bit different while making your customer’s life easier. But how far can you go?

Introduce your business to the latest advancements in Customer Loyalty programs. Shout! Digital Marketing can provide you an integrated loyalty program with our outstanding All-In-One Marketing platform. You’ll be able to offer relevant promotions through various lines of communication. And then, by rewarding your most loyal customers, you’ll experience valuable repeat business and greater customer satisfaction. We offer your business one easy-to-manage system accessible on any mobile phone, so you can do away with traditional paper reward cards that are easy to lose and forget.

Go mobile with our easily customizable digital rewards program!
•    Accumulate points with ALL phones: via smartphone QR Code scans AND mobile keyword text-in from conventional phones;
•    Grow your marketing database when customers join your Loyalty Program;
•    Record of points and prizes are securely stored online, preventing fraud.

The benefits of setting up a Rewards Program for your business are endless. Not only do you gain loyal customers and build enduring relationships with your patrons, you’re also boosting business along the way! By rewarding your customers, you ultimately reward your own business. Create a free trial account today.