Facebook & Social Media Peak Sharing Times

With the move to social media as a communication and conversation tool so comes a change in how and when we share. Sharing content doesn’t mean posting it online and leaving it to do its own thing. You’ve got to be there, the whole way, ready to push it and respond to others in a timely manner – promoting it through various channels until your message has been established.

Timing is crucial in doing this, especially when you’re reaching out to customers around the country who may be in different time zones and who may have different timing needs.

As you develop your own social media strategy a key point is to identify the best time to post or share information with your fans. No two businesses are the same however research generally has shown two peak time frames to share information with customers through social media, these may be different to your own best times frames but they are a good step forward.

10am to Noon and 8pm to 10pm are seen as the best times to post messages.

As always, trial and error may prevail but we hope this information assists you develop your social media strategy. For advice and a dedicated social media solution contact Shout Digital Marketing on 03 8317 0280 or email neil@shoutdigitalmarketingaustralia.com.au.